maanantai 16. syyskuuta 2013

Day 316: Loss of direction


A video log for a change because of a writing block.


I commit myself to slow down with studying within and as the realization that it is more effective to study a book properly once than improperly for three times.

When and as I feel confused with the material I study, I stop, I breathe and I slow myself down in breath. I remind myself that all of the information in this world is somehow linked to reality, and that all of it can thus be connected to the "big picture". I return to the beginning of the section of the material that I did not understand, and within and as breath I read one word at a time, slowing down and stopping to ensure that I understand each word that I read. If this does not help, I take a physical break from studying (i.e. stretching, walking, dancing, singing etc), make sure I have had enough water and not too much / too little food and reassess and realign my physical study position. If the topic still doesn't open up, I investigate it outside of the material I'm reading (book, article, lecture notes) to see if an "outside perspective" would assist me in developing understanding.

I commit myself to investigate for ways to be an active participant of the university community.

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  1. What might help is to build an outline of what the book states as its goal. Read the chapter headings and the section headings to build a framework of the whole and then " read in the details". Sometimes this helps to create a general structure which gives some direction within where you are going. This will help keep an awareness of the whole.
    It is like forming an outline of what is going to be learned.